At Boft we believe there was a better, simpler way to print your memories. We all miss the age-old ritual of taking photos, printing tem, sharing and treasuring the memories.

We think your favourite photographs should be kept as beautiful high resolution prints, and not only on the Cloud. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that the beautiful moments you captured will be seen over and over again.


We believe the photos you print become your life memories. Chances are good that you remember a photo you printed 20 years ago, but you probably won’t remember the digital images you snapped last year.

A printed photograph is a thousand times more precious to its creator than it’s pixels on a screen. Because you can touch it, because it’s a piece of art, and because it is why we make photos in the first place.

When we see family and friends flipping slowly through the pages of our photo albums, or reminiscing at a family braai over the latest additions to our fridge collection, instead of swiping through the thousands of snaps on our smartphone screen, it feels right. This is a ritual we love.

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